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    It is truly amazing that the Industrialized Nations of the World have spent over 110 Billion U.S. Dollars since the year 2000 building a Space Station in order to define Humans  in Space.  At the same time we as Global Humankind have yet to define and build even one small zero-pollution industrialized village that is totally sustainable here on Earth.  
     Our governments must re-evaluate their priorities; and also design and build at least one parallel demonstration Space Ship City down here on Space Ship Earth.  Is it more important at this point in our History to find water on Mars; or to research and develop at least one small town down here on Earth that does not pollute its existing watershed and atmosphere?  We are blasting billions into Space Research while we have yet to define a Totally Sustainable Earth-based   Urban-ecological City System?
     We are soon going to publish more on this subject including Links to Distinguished Papers and Editorials.  You can make a difference and E-mail this page to your Member of Parliament or Congress Person.

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     If you have built or demonstrated a solar house or use renewable energy technologies, or have a viable plan to do so, then we invite you to send us your story or links to your web page.  Your example will help others achieve their own dreams of sustainability.
     All of the work that has been presented here by the Peace Environmental Research Foundation is totally the result of not-for-profit volunteer time and effort.   Submissions must first be approved by the Foundation's Public Relations Committee before they are published.  If you are interested, please E-mail this site's Webmaster. 


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