AstralStar's Mission Statement 

     These are tumultuous times that we as a Global Civilization have created on Planet Earth.  Our exploding populations have harnessed advanced technologies that have seriously altered the carbon cycle of the entire Earth.    Our forests have been over clear-cut, our soils depleted, our atmosphere has been poisoned, our rivers polluted, and our oceans are dying.  Earth's biodiversity is threatened with mass extinctions.  Poverty is everywhere.
     Yet, never before has our capacity to initiate positive changes been greater.  We have the information, tools, and resources  necessary to save our future.  It is a matter of education and priorities. 

Tomorrow a New World is Possible

     We believe that Humankind's Destiny is not to continue to waste and destroy Planet Earth like we are witnessing today.  We Are Guided by the philosophy that Totally Sustainable and Advanced Technological Development can occur with a near zero negative impact on our natural ecology. These technologies now exist around the Earth - they just need to be promoted and implemented. .........

The AstralStar Website

     The AstralStarô Web Site is designed as a communications and networking service to help persons all over the world to achieve a more sustainable life-style in harmony with the Earth.  By exchanging information, products, technologies, and services, each of us in our own way will create the Great New Millennium - the Promised Golden Age of the Earth.

We Love Planet Earth

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