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Our Hydroponics Seedling Chamber provides our Optimum Growth Formula and Growing Variables to our plants from seed germination to transplant. Healthy seedlings result in healthy and super-productive adult plants.

Tomato seedlings sprouted in peat moss pellets. Our research proved that plants love peat-moss pellets, and dislike rock wool pellets. Soon, the plant's roots totally enclose and consume the pellet. Constant Perfect Optimum Growth Variables are very important at this stage, and our computer-controller keeps a very close watch. Maintaining a 24/7 accuracy for the Dissolved Salts (TDS) parts per million (ppm) of 6 different Macro Nutrients and 7 Micro nutrients.

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Strong, sturdy tomato seedlings being transplanted into NFT tubes. Since they can stand upright on their own, it makes collaring them much easier a up to 2 days laterwith much less handling damage. The first-born leaves are called "seed leaves". If a plant's Optimum Growth Variables are supplied consistently, its seed leaves will remain healthy and productive during its entire life-cycle. These leaves are large photosynthetic cold-fusion generators that produce the most nutritious sap for building the plant’s biomass (especially its flowers and fruits). To loose the plant’s mature seed leaves will result in a smaller harvest.

Propagating Super Seedlings from small stem and leaf cuttings using Organic Tissue Culture Techniques. In this picture Franklin is creating 4-leaf clover plants hermetically on his kitchen table. [Click to count all the 4 & 5 leaf clovers].

Franklin transplanting field-grown tomato plants in the garden in front of Miracle House. He experimented and invented many horticultural climate protecting devices to enhance Northern Gardens. Here he demonstrates his design-patented inexpensive Sunshine Seedling Houses made of re-cycled plastics which he marketed across Canada in all the major gardening chain and independent stores. Tomato plants could actually survive a sub-zero 8 inch late May snow falls and strong winds. [Click] the picture to read its many advantages.

About Our Advanced Optimum NFT Nutrient Formula

Advantages of Our Commercial Optimum NFT System

Tomato seedlings inside the automated Seedling Chamber enjoying a constant perfect growing environment. The seedlings in this picture will produce over 14,400 lbs. of Grade AAA No.1 Tomatoes within 4 months.

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