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Miracle Farms Hydroponicsis owned by Franklin Thomas, President and sole proprietor of Franklin & Co, which holds the rights to all discoveries, patents, formulas, industrial designs, trademarks, and other intellectual properties of the Company.

Back in 1972, Franklin met Bob Wessell, a former electrical engineer in the NASA Apollo and Gemini Space Programs. Bob was considered a pioneer of the science of modern hydroponics. After launching the Polaris Submarine Hydroponics Program, Bob founded the world’s first automated hydroponics complex, Hydro Culture Inc, in Phoenix Arizona inBob and Franklin inspecting a pototype solar collector on the roof of the Grande Prairie College, Alberta - 1982 the early 1960’s. Bob had recently immigrated to Canada to build a small state-of-the-art hydroponics green-house located in Guelph, Ontario, (Canada’s Horticultural Capital). Together, they planned an R & D strategy towards developing the world’s first energy efficient commercial hydro-ponics greenhouse complex capable of profitable year around fresh food production in severely cold and/or hot climates.

      #topDuring the next 7 years Bob and his wife Rose advanced from (Nutrient Film Technique) NFT hydroponics (using a gravel, coir, or peat moss rooting medium) to the more cost efficient and productive, (Optimum Nutrient Film Technique) or ONFT Hydroponics (requiring no root medium whatsoever, or feeding only nutrient enriched water to the plant’s root zones). This extensive research, comprised of thousands of individual experiments, produced multiple-stage Optimum Nutrient Formulations (ONFT), which produced incredible increases in vine-ripened crop’s plant growth and productivity rates.  In 1979, they founded Miracle House Hydroponics Ltd.  For a more detailed history of their works, download Franklin’s Bio here

     The Main Goal of the Company is to build and operate the Miracle Farms Academy of HydroponicsTM. It will be an advanced Hydroponics Research and Education Facility, wherein we will maintain the forefront of global hydroponics research and development. Our visitors and clients will view our technologies, systems, and technics in real-time.  Meetings, Classes and Seminars will be hosted in our conference rooms. Read  more about our vision for the future of modern hydroponics here.

Franklin Thomas

Bob and Franklin - 1983

RoseWessell - 1973

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