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Photo of Franklin in the Miracle House I Hydroponics Research Lab with a record-breaking Long English Cucumber harvest. Notice how vigorous and healthy all of our mature plants are. Healthy plants result in bumper crop harvests.

  Good hydroponics produce mostly markets itself...

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A tray of vine ripened tomatoes going to the Farmer's Market. We can even naturally lower their a[Click for Close-up]cidity so they are always firm and sweet. Everybody loves a good tomato.

When plants receive our perfect NFT Optimum Growth Variables, they yield fantastic harvests like four of these 26" Long English Cucumbers in addition to an average crop of 16" to 20" Fruits. Our Cucumber Plants grow up to 2½" per day. With Metal Halide lights our growing day is 20+ hours long. Our studies showed that giving our plants 4 hours per night of sleep in quiet, total darkness maximizes plant growth and production.

Our harvests do not require washing, because our greenhouses are dust-free. Photo in the Miracle House Hydroponics Research Lab [click for close-up]

A tray of average 20" Long English Cucumbers picked right from the vine and ready for market. Perfect colour, fruit texture, length, width, juicy, sweet, thin skins, and crunchy. Yummy!


Vine-ripened Tomatoes ready for shipping to grocery stores. We pick them when they are pink; but we leave some to turn red for the weekend Farmer's Market. Storage and shipping losses from hydroponically-grown crops are much less than from field-grown produce.

Many of our customers phoned in their orders and stopped by our greenhouse for cash sales. The word quickly spread about our good tasting tomatoes and often people drove for over 40 miles before we sold out.

Pride of the Peace Vine-ripened Tomatoes displayed in the IGA Store in the town of Beaver Lodge in the remote Peace Country of Alberta, Canada. Our Premium Quality AAA No,1 Hydroponics Tomatoes sold for premium prices. This display sold out in less than 40 minutes. There is a huge un-tapped market for quality fresh produce in all of Canada.

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Edward Thomas Sr. with a record-breaking Long English Cucumber Harvest. Ed is 6' tall. Notice the size of the cukes that have perfect colour, texture, skin thickness, and award-winning tastes with all varieties, lengths and diameters.

The reason why Ed wears a white lab coat is to stop the spread of insects and microbes. Infestation and plant diseases are best stopped at the door. We sterilize the greenhouse only with chemical-free soap and high-pressure steam.

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Very firm Red, Yellow, and Green Sweet Peppers ripe on the vine. Their fruit averages 1/2"+ thick and full of good vitamins and minerals. The Life-Force in vine-ripened Optimum Hydroponics Produce is very high; and their taste is out of this world. No sprays, no pesticides, no herbicides, no fungicides, no wax - just super-nutritious, fresh food. Grocery chain produce buyers will "roll out the red carpet" for your harvests. Everyone loves our hydroponically grown fresh vegetables. [Click for Close-ups]: A tray of just picked shining Green Peppers ready for market. Sweet, firm, and thick - better than candy.

Incredible Green and Yellow Pole Bean Plants that grow 11" per day!! We sit back and have a coffee and watch them grow (½" per hour)! With Optimum NFT Growing Conditions we never loose a single flower on clusters with 8 to 16 beans each. New Research promises to increase our growth rates. People are always amazed when they see our giant plants at harvest time, especially in the middle of winter. Photo of Edward Thomas Sr. and NFT Pole Bean Clusters. Unlike field grown beans that toughen with temperature, humidity and wind extremes, our Greenhouse Grade AAA No 1 mature beans are not the least bit stringy; and they melt in your mouth just like early picked young green beans. [Click for Close-ups]

A tray of 8" Green and Yellow Beans right off the vine and ready for market. They require no washing since there is no soil or dust in our greenhouses. These beans are a gourmet chef's delight. Notice the yardstick in the close-up:


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A crop of Butter Lettuce ready for harvest. Packed with their soil-free wet roots in a clear plastic clam shell, they remain alive and sweet in stores for weeks. Optimum Hydroponics Butter Lettuce Techniques use 10 times less water per kg of harvested produce. [click for close-up]

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How to Spot Healthy Hydroponics Plants

A 4” Beefsteak Tomato harvested near the middle of December. Hover your mouse over the picture to see our Christmas-pack of Beefsteak Tomatoes. Some fruits get so large and heavy that we must cradle them with cheese cloth wraps attached to their stem clips. Our customers indicated that they consider 3.5” blemish-free tomatoe as being ideal.

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