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    Miracle Farms Hydroponics

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Our indoor growing conditions (growth variables) are so perfect that our plants are amazingly healthy. With Total Climate Control combined with a sealed concrete and gravel floor, the costs of infestation from insects, algae, moss, fungus, weeds, numerous soil-born plant diseases, virus, and bacteria are mostly eliminated.

With our NFT Optimum Growth Variables ALL of our flowers always pollinate and bear fruit. When nutrients, temperature, humidity, and/or light are perfect, flowers will never drop off (blossom-drop) - resulting in 100% fruit-set and maximized production. We pollinate our flowers with an electric tooth brush during the hottest and driest time of each day.

A cluster of baby tomatoes. The plants are delicately handled, pruned and trained using special grow-clamps to hold the vines on a vertical string. This ensures maximum yields. Tomato and cucumber plants do not like to be touched - so we developed special techniques and tools to work effectively with them. Poor pruning tools and methods damage their natural defences and lead to scars, infestations and diseases.  

Close-up of a mature crop of vine-ripened tomatoes and super-healthy, first-growth (seedling leaves) right above our NFT polytubes. With our NFT Optimum Nutrient Formulations seedling leaves remain healthy and productive during the entire life-cycle of our plants.  Healthy seedling leaves on a mature plant are a sign of a superior nutrient formula.


A cluster of ready-to-harvest vine-ripened beef-steak tomatoes on a mature 24 ft tall plant. Usually we pick them when they are pink so they may turn red by the time they get to market. These tomatoes were for a local tomato festival on the day and, as usual, won First Prize. No other growers can match the perfect sweet taste, texture, and thin skins of a Miracle Farms ONFT Formula Tomato.

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How to Spot Healthy Hydroponics Plants

Opening an NFT PolyTube to inspect its bare, healthy, cucumber roots.   Notice there is absolutely no media in the root-zone of the tube. Should we ever have a problem with a nutrient solution mix, the roots can quickly and easily be flushed with pure water in a few minutes, and then immediately replaced with a new fresh formula, therefore preventing permanent damage to the plants.

Super healthy, vibrant, mature, first-growth, Long English Cucumber leaves. Notice by their leaf color and leaf margins that they are free from symptoms of nutrient toxicity or deficiency with no infestation or pesticide spray damage - the signs of our superior Optimum Nutrient Film Technique (ONFT) Formulas. [Click Picture for Close-up]

 Our results for vine-ripened crops far exceed those of all root-zone media growing systems - including all the ones commercial greenhouses are using around the world today.     


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Our greenhouses provide the perfect growth variables of temperature, humidity, atmosphere, light (even in Canada's northern climate during the months of Dec, Jan & Feb), Our Optimum NFT Nutrient Formulas and Techniques significantly reduce the stress of our plants having to search for their essential nutrients. We get superior growth rates and harvests compared to using conventional coir or peat root-zone bags.  


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