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 Universal Man Magazine - Published in 1974 - the First General Interest Science Magazine - Distributed by McClain-Hunter to Newsstands in 26 Canadian Cities - [click to download - 11 mg - 10 sec. on High Speed]                            Ecology Canada Magazine - Published in 1973 - Canada's First National Environmental Magazine - Control Circulation of 23,000 - [click to download eMagazine - 30 mg - 15 seconds on High Speed ]] 
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Work History - [Continued]



 Lecture Tour / Seminars

•     Lecture and Slide Show, Sustainable Future Urban Planning, McGill Young Alumni, April 1972

•     Lectures & Slides, U N Conference on the Human Environment, Stockholm, Sweden, June 1972

•     World Urban Concept at the McGill University Homecoming, Co-speaking with Buckminister Fuller, October 1972

•     Dawson College Seminars on Sustainable Urban Planning, December 1972

•     Lecture and Slide Show, Queen's University, February 1973

•     Lecture and Slide Show on Sustainable Human Settlements, First International Film Festival on the Human Environment, Sir George Williams University, June 73

•     Guest Speaker, Town of Mount Royal Curling Club, Montreal, November, 1973

•     Guest on the CBC Television Show, McGowan and Company, May 1974

•     Lecture to the Executive at the Advanced Concepts Centre Environment Canada, September 1974

•     Lecture to the Policy & Research Group of the Department of Public Works Canada, October 1974

•     N.G.O. Display at the U N Habitat Conference for Non-governmental organizations, November 1974

•     Lecture entitled, "Brush with Bureaucracy", at the Montreal Royal Curling Club, January 1975

•     Guest Panel, CBC Television Programs, "This Day", A Special on Human Settlements, March 1975

•     Lecture to the First Annual Solar Energy Conference University of Ottawa, June 1975

•     Display and lecture on Sustainable Cities of Tomorrow at the Vancouver Habitat U.N. Conference on Human Settlements, June 1976

•     Lecture to Boreal Institute for Northern Studies, University of Alberta, entitled, Borealis the City of Tomorrow, January 1978

•     Seminar on the Canadian Hydroponic Farming Industry, Ancaster, Ontario, June 1980

•     Radio Program with Teri Turnbull, CJXX, G.P., November 1981

•     Radio Program CFGP, on Solar Power, February 1981

•     Seminar on Solar Power, South Peace Teacher's Convention Grande Prairie, March 1981

•     Lecture and Slide Show at the College Weekend 81, on Total Solar Power, Grande Prairie Regional College, March 1981

•     Lecture, Solar Housing, Athabasca Hall, Peace River, May 1981

•     The Human Side of Energy Conference, Lecture and Slide Show, Total Solar Power, University of Alberta, display, August 1981

•     The Chicago World Hardware Show, presenting the Sunshine Seedling House to World Markets, Chicago, U.S.A., August, 1988

•     The United States Patent Office, Washington, U.S.A., Mar. 1989

•     Environmental Information Seminars titled, "Countdown to 2000 A.D.", 5 public meetings at Muskoseepi Park, Grande Prairie, November 1990

•     Environmental Law Hearings, Grande Prairie, presented a brief, November 1990

•     Tour of Egypt, December, 1990

•     Two Interviews with Aaron Brooks and Dave Kormos, CJXX Radio, Grande Prairie, January 1991

•     Alberta Petroleum Association's Conference on Environmental Action, Calgary, February, 1991

•     Spicer Commission Citizen's Forum on Canada's Future,  presented a written brief, April, 1991

•     Alberta Special Waste Management Public Hearings, Grande Prairie, May, 1991

•     The Hug-A-Dandelion Campaign, including Nature's Lawn and Garden Contest, an Environment Canada Grant, May 1991

•     Interview with Jim McQuarry, CBC Radio, Edmonton, May 1991

•     Display for Environment Week at Muskoseepi Park Pavillion, Grande Prairie, June 1991

•     Display for Environment Week at Hawrelak Park, Edmonton, June 1992

•     Lectures and Seminars from 1992 to present to be appendixed….


Publications and Articles

•     Futurists Plan Ultimate Urban Centre, OM Magazine, July 1972

•     City of the Future, McGill Reporter, October, 1972

•     City of the Future to be Unveiled, The Queens Journal, February, 73

•     An Answer to our Urban Ills, The Montreal Gazette, May 31, 73

•     Published, Ecology Canada Magazine, October 1973

•     Published, Universal Man Magazine, May 1974

•     Magazine Seeks Means for a Better Earth, The Gazette, May 1974

•     People City for the Laurentians, The Gazette, May 1974

•     Borealis: the City of the North, The Independencer, October 1974

•     City of the North, Ottawa Journal, February 1975

•     The Vermilion River Dam Redevelopment, brochure, Alberta

•     Alberta Department of Environment monthly magazine, first issue, lead article, August 1976

•     The City of the Future, The Daily Herald Tribune, Grande Prairie ⅓ of front page, September, 1976

•     Solar Energy, The Edmonton Journal, ½ page, April 5, 1977

•     Whatever Happened to Borealis?  Peace Country Magazine, 3 pages,  January 1978

•     Alternative Energy Housing Course, the Grande Prairie Booster, ½ page, Jan. 30, 1980

•     Man Constructs Proto Model, Grande Prairie Booster, ½ page, January 30, 1980

•     Get Building Your Own; Solar Expert Urges, Daily Herald Tribune, . January 31, 1980

•     Solar Converter Designed for the North, The Daily Herald Tribune, Ό page, Feb. 1980

•     Hydroponics Could Make Peace Self Sufficient in Vegetables, The Daily Herald Tribune, ⅓ page, May 21, 1980

•     The Future is Solar Power, The Daily Herald Tribune, whole page, June 20, 1980

•     Look up to Where the Power Is, The Daily Herald Tribune, ⅓ page, February 4, 1980

•     Wintergreen Could Turn Peace into California, Grande Prairie Booster, ½ page, May 20, 1981

•     Subzero City Gardening, SOL North, The Solar Energy Society of Canada, Northern Alberta Chapter, Edmonton (from a lecture at the Provincial Museum) 2 pages, April 1983

•     Dining Room Gardens, McCleans Magazine, Toronto, one photo, one page, June 1983

•     Energy Pioneers, Mountain Standard Time Magazine, Edmonton  two pages, one photo, February1984

•     College Christmas Star a First, The Daily Herald Tribune, ⅓ page, two photos, February, 1984

•     Battle of the Energies Tomorrow at the College, The Daily Herald Tribune Ό page, February 1984

•     Winning the Energy War - Solar Energy is the Route to Take, The Daily Herald Tribune, Ό page, February 1984

•     Workshop Producing Solariums, The Daily Herald Tribune, one photo, ⅓ page, March 1984

•     Wins First Prize, The Daily Herald Tribune, photo, April 1984

•     A Hot Hope for Gardeners, Alberta Report, 2/3 page and photo, April 29, 1985

•     Fixing the Winter Tomatoes, Alberta Report, 2/3 page and photo, September 30, 1985

•     Confidential Offering Memorandum for Miracle House Hydroponics Ltd., July 1986

•     Plastic Plant Protectors, Gardening on the Prairies, A Guide to Canadian Home Gardening, 1987

•     Confidential Offering Memorandum for the Sunshine International Marketing Co., Inc., June 21, 1988

•     Sunshine Marketing Succeeds with Hot Cap, Edmonton Report on Economic Development, ⅓ page, Winter 1989

•     Confidential Offering Memorandum for Miracle House Hydroponics Ltd., April 1990

•     New Environmental Group Starting, The Daily Herald Tribune, front page with photo, October 1990

•     Group Will Take Moderate Route, The Daily Herald Tribune, one column, November 90

•     Analysis and Recommendations of the Proposed Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Legislation to the Environmental Review Panel, Grande Prairie, 23 November, 1990

•     The Peace Environmental News [the P.E.N.], Editor, Jan 91

•     Sun-powered Building Proposed, The Daily Herald Tribune, 1/4  page, January 1991

•     Snow Dumps Cause Concern, The Daily Herald Tribune, 1/4 page and photo, March 91

•     Preliminary Development Program for the Peace Environmental Research Centre, February 1991

•     Students to Save the Planet Fundraising Program, April 1993

•     Work of 1993 to the present to be appendixed.

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