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         Canmore, Alberta   CANADA
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Imagining Future Sustainable Communities

for a New
Sustainable Village/City

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    Canada, even with its vast land area and relatively small, concentrated population is challenged with rapid urbanization and industrialization. As of the year 2019 over 86 percent of Canadians have inhabited less than 2 percent of our land mass - and one half , 18 million reside in only 9 centres, each with a population of over one million people. Within the next twenty-five years Canadians will likely have to create more urban residences, more commercial and industrial facilities, more parks and recreational areas, more transportation, more power and other utilities than have been constructed in the entire history of our nation.

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It would be a mistake to continue through this enormous growth period by duplicating our present, UNSUSTAINABLE, urban forms. 

Our Present Cities Hold the Seeds of the Cities of the Future    Canada IS not alone when it comes to a century of unsustainable development. Virtually all the cities on the crust of Planet Earth are not totally sustainable; and, thus, are drastically polluting the delicate balance of our Biosphere.

   We as Global Humankind have not yet defined, let alone constructed, even one small totally sustainable industrialized village/city in harmony with Nature.

Universal City Model     Transforming our Human Habitat into a livable, workable, and sustainable, Urban Ecology is the greatest challenge facing Humankind today; and the Inevitable Evolution and Destiny of the Global Science of Urban Humankind. 

    The longer we postpone this transformation, the more difficult it will be to accomplish. Scientific evidence proves that failure to achieve these goals will result in an even more grave deterioration in our global weather and living conditions.

    It is time for Canada and its Provinces to demonstrate to the World their ingenuity and leadership as they enter into a New Age of Urban Ecological Sustainability.


Borealis Poster - [Click for Close-up - 50k]    We propose that the Provincial Governments and the Government of Canada all present URBAN DEMONSTRATION PROGRAMs as defined in the NATIONAL PLANS OF ACTION at the HABITAT II - Second United Nations Conference on Human Settlements.

    This National Urban Demonstration Program could be modeled in the image of the short-lived Canadian Urban Demonstration Programme that was passed by Parliament in 1975 in conjunction with the 1976 Habitat U.N. Conference, except with some very important modifications:

1. That it encourage grassroots demonstration projects across Canada by providing guidance and certain funding for all levels of development, including initial planning and design.

2. That it initiate a World Millennium Exposition and Demonstration Project, such as, for example, our BOREALIS Program:

BOREALIS CITY - A World Millennium Celebration and Exposition Project:

Model of Borealis Village - [Click for Close-up - 25k]   This Future Community/Village will provide a valid human environment, expressing civilization's full potential in both cultural and technological terms, creating an atmosphere totally free from toxic wastes. Its urban and industrial plant will be based on sustainable [forever renewable] resources, totally contained and forever 100% recycled. The technology now exists to achieve these goals; it is only a matter of priorities

    BOREALIS VILLAGE will become a permanent World Centre dedicated to the Advancement of Humankind by demonstrating a community/village in balance with Nature. Guided by the philosophy that totally sustainable and advanced technological development can occur with a near zero negative impact on our natural ecology. These technologies now exist around the Earth - they just need to be brought together in one place and integrated.

    BOREALIS could not be a "pill" for all our planet's ills; but instead, an example of what we are trying to eventually achieve. It will be a beacon light, showing the World Humankind's New Millennium.  It will be an effort worthy of Canadians and the Human Race; and make us a world leader in the Science of Humankind.

Model of Borealis Village - [Click for Close-up - 30k]     IMAGINE the economic benefits such a project would bring to Canada!! Considering that Tourism will be the largest Industry on Earth, think of the millions of people who would pilgrimage to view its workings, to license its many discoveries and patents, and to enroll in its courses.  By approaching it as a World Millennium Celebration, we could invite nations to finance and build their own unique Community Clusters, drawing some of the finest minds in the world to Canada.  Think of the sustainable jobs that it will create.  Think of the Interest and Excitement!  Think of its Advertising Potential!  An ideal location west of Edmonton towards the Super Natural Banff/Jasper National Parks? Imagine the Future - a Future that we are all uniquely empowered to pioneer.

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